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الأربعاء، 23 فبراير، 2011

باركية ألماني HDF

Smart is an all-rounder of 7 mm thickness. Ideal for moderate, medium, or intensive use in living areas, it is
also suitable for commercial areas with moderate or occasional use. And especially for those spaces where every
millimeter of clearance counts.
With its “Clic2Clic“ installation system, Smart is easily and quickly installed with only a hammer and a hammering
block – like all Kronotex laminates.
These are laminate floors for universal application and variable use. Of 8mm thickness,
with an optimized profile, for uniquely solid and form-fast interlocked connection.
In living spaces they sustain even extremely intensive use, in commercial areas with
moderate use they have proven their reliability thousands of times over.

It’s the flooring with extra large panels for coverage of spacious rooms and for especially quick installation.
With 8mm thickness and universal applicability it offers the quality and characteristics of Dynamic.
But it is installed in half the time. Its surface treatment is also eye-catching: traditional stone patterns
as well as original design ideas like stone and Mediterranean tile.

Refined, classy, stylish, and boundless in laying variation: Amazone, the extraordinarily narrow,
long floorboard flooring line. A floor that makes a dashingly eccentric impression – fascinating
to look at, individually fashionable, flexible in arrangement and handling.

Amazone floorboards are only 113mm wide, but 1380mm long. With six posh decors, their effect is
pleasingly beautiful – like the finest parquet. The lightness of the floorboards opens an array of many new,
unusual formats and combinations. Individuality is truly trump here. One more reason why this creation has
long been a great attraction on international markets.

GLOBAL 1210 x 193 x 8.3mm CLICK SYSTEM
The high abrasion and impact value of GLOBAL FLOORING GRADE 31 (AC3) creates the ideal
basis for medium traffic in residential applications as well as light traffic in contract projects such
as offices or hotel rooms.

TORO 1285 x 194 x 8mm LOK SYSTEM
TORO FLOOR comes with a superior protective finish, which allows resistance to light, stains, pressure, burning ashes,
abrasion, household chemicals etc.



The KLD Range of 8mm AC3 laminated flooring is a popular value for money product for use in residential applications.
It is of particular appeal to contractors and developers of large scale housing projects.





Traviata Supreme is highly recommended  for domestic flooring applications with heavy traffic levels and for commercial
environments such as offices, small to medium size shops, hotel rooms, conference centres, boardrooms etc.
The new Prestige laminate flooring product range has it all!
Designed as a commercial floor but sold at domestic flooring prices. Prestige laminate flooring can be used anywhere in
the home, office or other similar commercial environments.
As manufacturer from the very beginning, Kaindl has perfected the art of laminate flooring. No other flooring manages to fulfil
the highest demands in terms of design, surface performance, health and durability - whilst simultaneously having economical
advantages such as fast availability and being simple to lay.




Balterio Authentic Style laminate flooring 
189mm x 1261mm
25 years domestic
12 years commercial
No bevel

Medium commercial floor with genuine wood structure
Chateau Oak                             Newport Mahogany                  Imperial Teak                            Olive         

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